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Technical Debt - The downward spiral of software development

For the longest time, I’ve had a massive issue with technical debt. Every single project I’ve ever been working on have had the magical black box they dump a new thing into every 3 months. “Technical debt” we call it. Realistically we should be calling it technical risk, as that is really what is it. It signals exactly what it is, but it just doesn’t work. But then again, technical debt doesn’t work either.

Aimbot Smoothing Using a Proportional Control

In conventional aimbot implementation for legitbots, you’re working off the basis of a constant smoothing rate, causing the aimbot to sack behind moving targets or otherwise look super unnatural if the smoothing ends up being too low or even osciliate around the target. In order to counteract this, we will implement a feedback control system in which we apply a correction to our controlled variable. This correction is proportional to the difference between our desired value and the measured value.

My First Post - WhoAmI

Hello no one, I am TaF and this is my blog. The purpose of the blog is to share random spur of thoughts or anything that I find interesting on a day-to-day basis. WhoAmI I am a CurrentYear - 1995 Senior Software Consultant who finished their Masters degree in Computer Science in 2019. Since then I’ve went through complex software design of large-scale public domain solutions and consulted on design decisions in a massive data migration.