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My First Post - WhoAmI

Hello no one,

I am TaF and this is my blog. The purpose of the blog is to share random spur of thoughts or anything that I find interesting on a day-to-day basis.


I am a CurrentYear - 1995 Senior Software Consultant who finished their Masters degree in Computer Science in 2019. Since then I’ve went through complex software design of large-scale public domain solutions and consulted on design decisions in a massive data migration.

Professionally I’ve written most of my software in Java and SQL, while I personally enjoy the world of .NET a lot more. The fast development cycles of the language provide something new on an almost monthly basis and the ecosystem seem to strive in a fast-evolving environment; something I feel like modern software development has definitely adapted to in later years.

I interest myself in Computer Vision and Image Processing, more specifically Object Detection, primarily focused on darknet YOLO. The interest initially happened during my Master thesis, where I wrote about using AI in the context of fully automatic drones. While we are slowly getting more and more automatic drones from the commercial world, my interests drifting into my longest standing hobby, gaming.

I’ve played video games for as long as I can remember, mostly thanks to my Dad, who was an avid gamer then and still is today. Back then I was starting with UT99 and later on moving into Counter-Strike 1.5. Starting with shooter games definitely sparked something, as those are still the type of games I mostly enjoy these days. If there is no competitive aspect of the game, you won’t find me playing them.

After playing Counter-Strike for years and years on end and completing all of the main achievements the game has to offer, I decided that it was time to combine my interests of AI and Gaming.

This leads us to today. These days I interest myself with alternative game cheating, mostly using AI-based cheats and thinking out-of-the-box in my gamecheating solutions.

So in the end, I’ll hopefully (lol) find myself typing up some thoughts and interesting subjects within professional software development and alternative approaches to gamecheating design.

// TaF

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